โรงงานยาสูบ ได้ทำการปรับปรุงระบบสื่อสารภายในองค์กรด้วย Google Apps

Celebrating 30 years manufacturing experience in S.E. Asia, Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) is a state enterprise contributing revenues to the government...


Celebrating 30 years manufacturing experience in S.E. Asia

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) is a state enterprise contributing revenues to the government for country development, as well as providing certain income for ten thousands families of tobacco farmers in the Northern and the Northeastern part of Thailand. TTM has supported the contract for farmers in the country with guaranteed prices.

In addition, TTM has focused on international quality production and improvement by having new cigarette factories constructed, equipped with the latest machines to enhance its ability to compete. TTM is the leading cigarette manufacturer in the country.

TTM has had to be adaptive in response to social changes, trading trends, and globalization direction. This fiscal year marked the 73rd anniversary of TTM’s accomplishment under adaptation of strategic plans to support the organization growth and the growing economy in the future. Besides those mentioned key factors in the organization’s achievement, the risk management was adopted to create problem solving models. Most of all, the human resources development has enhanced their proficiency, knowledge and awareness towards external changes. Finally, every single employee of Thailand Tobacco Monopoly shall also play important roles in driving TTM forward and being a good image for the people.

Business Challenges

By the end of 2011, Thailand encountered the greatest flooding within 70 years. A number of industrial estates were flooded for the first time in the history while TTM’s new factory was still under construction at the Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya.

Apart from the flood over the constructing areas, the construction was interrupted accordingly. The logistics were also obstructed as transportations were cut off by the flooding. TTM was unable to deliver products to the distributors.

  • Needed a communication and collaboration solution with guaranteed uptime, even in times of natural disasters
  • Ensure production staff could stay connected with sales agents and customers around the world
  • Results

    For TTM, switching to Google Apps provides more security, higher reliability and access to enterprise suite of apps that were not provided by the previous vendor, including:

  • Utilisation of Google Hangouts to reduce travel time and costs to customer site and improve internal communication.
  • More Storage and better search. TTM never have to delete an email and can easily locate information when required.
  • Guaranteed uptime means no more interruptions to important customer communications.