• Google for work

    The best of Google, built for work,

    Work is more than calculating profits, balancing supply & demand or pushing paper. Work is people coming together to dream, create, hack, hustle and make. People should connect easily to share ideas, develop them together and get things done from anywhere.

    Technology should make work easier and faster, not harder. It should get out of the way so that our ideas have space to grow and inspiration is free to strike at any moment. When we use the tools that make our lives easier, we can do our best work.

    Our Google for Work offering inncludes:

  • Salesforce

    World's leading customer success platform

    Salesforce makes revolutionary business applications, served from the cloud, designed to help you generate leads, get new customers, close deals faster, and sell, service, and market smarter. It all adds up to growth, and possibly the need for more office space.

    Initially GoPomelo will partner with Salesforce to provide services around the Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud Solutions in Thailand.

    Our team of solution architects, technical, change management and developers are enabled to support Salesforce projects in the region.

  • Jive Software

    When employees, partners and customers work together without barriers, anything is possible.

    Jive Software believe that when people work together to their full potential, wonderful things happen. Employees thrive. Customer and partner relationships deepen. Innovation blooms. Businesses prosper.

    Their shared mission is: empowering people and organizations to work better together by improving the way they connect, communicate and collaborate. It’s Jive’s reason for being. It guides their organization. It shapes their products. And it’s manifest in the experience of our customers, who are making the promise of working better come true every day in ways large and small.