MP Group migrated data to Google Drive


Founded in 2001, the MP group is comprised of three companies operating in various medical fields in Thailand. With this conglomerate, MP group has become the leading distributor of test kits. MP is a company that imports and distributes products to customers in hospitals, pharmacies, individuals …

The company is affiliated with many leading organizations around the world: WHO Evaluated, US FDA, CE Mark, ISO 13485 as they aim on producing high standard products to meet their customer needs.



Unorganized information resulting in loss of data and having the incorrect data when needed to be used. Multiple Spreadsheets results in the overflow of incorrectly categorized and unneeded spreadsheets in the workplace. Lost communication in MP causes tasks to be left undone because orders are not received.



Migrated to Google Drive

  • GoPomelo enhanced the technical support and delivered user training and awareness
  • Recommendations to built team transformations
  • Provided deployment



Planning is takes less to update as MP can use Google Drive and update data to a single file and share, instead of individually. Response times have improved drastically as Google drive allows MP to organize their work and allow staff to see which files they have permission to see, clearing their screen of unnecessary data. Tasks can be completed with real-time feedback now as collaboration enables staff to work together on Google Drive. Data gathering has also improved with MP now being able to collect information easily as Google Drive allows organized folders that should show MP where the correct files are placed.