Ocean Life Insurance save costs and increase efficiency by switching to G Suite” instead of apps for work

Ocean Life Insurance Public Company Limited is a life insurance company with 65 years of experience in providing complete line of insurance services...


Ocean Life Insurance Public Company Limited offers a complete line of insurance services based in Bangkok, Thailand. Formerly known as Ocean Life Insurance Company Limited, the company turned into a public company in July 2012. They have over 65 years experience enabling the people of Thailand to establish security for their own life and families. Ocean Life offers a wide variety of policies to cover all consumer requirements, including: ordinary, industrial, personal accident and group life insurance.

Business Challenges

The inherent challenges faced at Ocean Life were:

  • Vulnerability to natural crisis or civil unrest
  • Spam & virus problems associated with the email provider
  • High financial overheads for hardware & software, including system maintenance
  • Work collaboration – Employees with disabilities have a difficult time communicating with other employees. They’re workaround for this beforehand was to let them write what they wanted to say whilst the employee spoke to them, which require face-to-face communication and was time consuming.


GoPomelo consulted with Ocean Life Insurance to evaluate how Google Apps could work for them; together they identified G Suite to be more reliable and secure than their existing network solution. Users can now work productively together using a range of G Suite apps including: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheet and Hangouts all for a more reasonable price. Google Apps enabled their employees to work simultaneously, increase work efficiency, and have faster decision-making. Internal communication was also improved, as all employees collaborate using Hangouts.


By switching to Google Apps, the workforce of Ocean Life Insurance has transformed. It simplifies the way employees communicate and collaborate with each other, and so they are now able to maintain connectivity at all times. Enhanced security, reliability and further access to the full range of Google Apps has allowed the company to have a lot less stress. The highlights of this improvement include:

  • No disruption to business operations
  • Constant communication anytime, anywhere
  • Management can efficiently control budgets
  • Eliminated spam and mailbox storage issues