TTM Streamline internal communications with G Suite

Celebrating 30 years manufacturing experience in S.E. Asia, Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) is a state enterprise contributing revenues to the government...


Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) is a state enterprise which purchases and imports tobacco to Thailand; it provides reliable income for tens of thousands of tobacco farmers in Northern Thailand.

In addition, TTM has focused on international quality production and improvement by having new cigarette factories constructed and equipped with the latest machines to enhance its ability to compete. TTM is the leading cigarette manufacturer in the country.

TTM has had to be agile in its response to social, trading, and globalization trends.

Business Challenges

In 2011, Thailand was hit by the worst flooding it had seen in 70 years. A number of industrial estates were flooded for the first time in history including a new factory which was still under construction in Ayutthaya. The flooding interrupted construction and obstructed logistics transportation meaning TTM was unable to deliver products to distributors

TTM needed:

  • A reliable communications & collaboration solution even in the event of natural disaster
  • To ensure that all production staff could stay connected with sales agents and customers around the world


For TTM, switching to G Suite improved security, reliability and provided access to Google’s enterprise suite of apps, including:

  • Google Hangouts to reduce travel time & costs to customer site and improve internal communications
  • Improved email storage & search tools, TTM now never have to delete an email and can easily locate information when required
  • Eliminating downtime meant no more interruptions to important customer communications