All Thai Taxi uses Google Maps as navigation tool


Riders sometimes struggle to find taxis in their area. ALL THAT TAXI wanted to utilise map features in their native mobile app to show route options, traffic and estimated travel times to users. ALL THAT TAXI recognised the problems faced by the public transportation service and strongly wished to help Thailand to develop and enhance this service, particularly for the taxi industry. ALL THAT TAXI aimed to provide price regulated, standard quality cars with well-trained drivers who are service-minded, socially responsible and highly reliable.



Google Maps has the most accurate and comprehensive mapping information and the most sophisticated set of APIs available.

Indeed, Google Maps has over 100 million listed businesses and points of interest across the Globe with continually updated place details and images. Google Maps can also identify whether its coverage is effective at the customer’s location.  ALL THAT TAXI used Google Maps to show a customer’s location, traffic on the road and estimated travel time to their destination.



  • Google Maps is very easy to use
  • The application combines rich location data with features delivered in real time
  • Riders and drivers can easily connect in real time based on their locations