DHA Siamwalla migrated several processes to G Suite


D.H.A Siamwalla Ltd. has been a premium stationery products manufacturer and distributor based in Bangkok, Thailand since 1907. They have led the trend towards delivering a more economic price level for polypropylene- based products; contributing significantly toward improved health safety for consumers and the planet. Their products are distributed in Thailand under the ELEPHANT brand.



The inherent challenges faced by D.H.A. Siamwalla were:

  • Poor time management & communication resources
  • Meetings were difficult to book & manage
  • The application Line was used for team communications but it was inconvenient: data was easily lost, no automatic updates and manual registration required
  • Use of iOffice for emails
  • Could only be accessed on a single device
  • No big data storage for emails & they were difficult to archive
  • Use of paper forms for internal training surveys
  • Time consuming to manage
  • The outcomes were calculated and created manually



General solution: Migrate to G Suite Basic

Time management: Transition into using Google Calendars

Communication:  Transition into using Google Hangouts

Emails: Transition into using Gmail

Survey: Transition into using Google Forms



Google Calendars:

  • Faster & easier to book meeting rooms and manage all bookings anytime, anywhere for everyone
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices
  • Reduces errors and duplicate bookings


Google Hangout:

  • Now used as the main communication resource for chat and call
  • No registration required
  • Enables users from separate departments to communicate easily
  • Users can separate their private and professional accounts
  • No need to reinstall if a computer is reformatted



  • Emails can be checked via Chrome browser
  • Large storage capacity eliminates need to archive emails
  • Staff can access from multiple devices from anywhere
  • No spam


Google Forms:

  • Reduce errors and time required to collect data
  • Administrators can limit the response lengths
  • Users receive the surveys via email
  • Reduces paper costs & waste
  • Results can be checked in real-time