TRENDSPOTTER uses Google Maps to enhance their GPS Tracking Devices


Trendspotter Technology was established on February 26th, 2010 as a company reselling technology equipments such as servers, network equipment, telecommunication products, and GPS tracking devices for SMEs in Thailand.

Trendspotter Technology looks to provide the best GPS products, services, and customization for individually and company owned vehicles including trucks, cars, bikes and more. As the company changes rapidly, it needed a technology that could be easily scaled whilst still providing meaning and purpose (MAP) to all users. Additionally, Trendspotter Technology wanted to create various reports and alerts based on real time GPS data; they also expected fast delivery times.



Trendspotter Technology wants to provide a web based GPS tracking service as a bundle offer to support customers who buy their GPS tracking devices.

Through the use of GPS asset tracking applications it is possible to:

  • Calculate optimized routes between locations
  • Convert addresses into geographical locations
  • Include libraries and services such as geocoding, directions, street view and more
  • Embed a custom map on a web page
  • Embed a static street view panorama into a web page

Google Maps API for asset tracking helped Trendspotter Technology to track the movements of all its assets, both vehicles and other,  on a map.



The GPS tracking service allows customers to understand drivers’ behaviour, speed and other detailed calculations based on the GPS data. With our products, customers can gain better knowledge and insights as well as improved efficiency when managing their vehicles. The Google Maps application offers the best security, stability and scalability granting customers access to the most accurate data available.