AP Thai uses Workplace as communication channel



AP Thai is a leading property development company, specialising in the development of a range of properties from townhouses to condominium buildings. AP Thai specialises in accommodating the differing needs and lifestyles of all residents and delivering quality design which reflects the unique characteristics of all neighbourhoods they operate in.



The inherent challenges faced by AP Thai were:

  • Problematic intranet server
  • Employees using their personal Line accounts for business
  • Line used for HR meaning personal & corporate accounts merged
  • HR Chatbot could not identify individual employee names



  • Transition  to using  Workplace as the key communication  channel
  • Replaced line HR Chatbot with Workplace Chatbot



  • Staff can used Workplace to communicate  anytime, anywhere across ,any device
  • No longer need to use their personal Line account for corporate queries
  • Staff can create groups around a specific topic or interest and invite relevant colleagues to collaborate