Connected devices with cloud management.

Use cloud technology to manage and enhance your enterprise devices. Devices built for cloud enhance your collaboration, communication, and video conferencing experiences.

Laptop and Desktop Replacement

Implement devices built for cloud solutions

From employee laptops and desktops to video conferencing, digital signage to single-use devices, there's a Chrome device for you. It has:

Synchronization - everything is effortlessly backed up to the cloud, making it easy for workers to share, switch devices, and keep their information safe.

Security - our products are engineered with built-in encryption, sandboxing & automatic updates for the latest virus protection.

Speed - starts in seconds and gets faster over time, so you can focus on getting things done.

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Chrome Device Management

Manage and configure more than 200 features and policies

Technology is getting bigger and better - the average person now owns 3.64 devices. Chrome Device Management allows you to tailor your device to your specifications. It allows for hosting of Public Sessions, which allows multiple users to share the same Chrome device without requiring a user to sign in. User, device, and network settings are all controlled and customised by you. You know what we know.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

All your data is secure, distributes quickly, and easy to manage.

Safety is important to the company, and productivity is important to the employees.

G Suite delivers the best user experience so that employees are able to do their best work wherever they are, using the devices and apps they choose, while protecting your company information and meeting your data protection needs. Security is important and we want to make sure you have the protection you need.

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Video conferencing with anyone, anywhere

Connect your employees, customers and partners with one click

Instantly schedule meetings with dozens of internal and external participants using up to 25 devices. Set up devices in seconds. Updates are automatically rolled out and administrators can control and monitor devices remotely. Enjoy real time, wireless sharing and collaboration using nothing more than a link.

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Digital Signage

Connect your employees, customers and partners with one click


Travelling can cause technical problems, which can be solved with Chromebit - a candy-bar-sized portable computer that’s easy to manage, cost effective, and highly scalable. Its automatic updates and antivirus software makes a smart and secure digital environment. Plug it into your TV for a large, full-screen Chrome OS experience.

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We believe in driving innovation and transformation for people, processes and cultures. The products we use and the companies we collaborate with do too. First of its kind, powerful and easy-to-use, AOPEN’s Chrome devices are making an entry to commercial signage.

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Appspace pairs a single robust content management system - which can be used in the cloud or installed onto a device - with a single, easy to use app that can be run across multiple devices.

Appspace is built to share all kinds of content and information, including: live & recorded video, signs, presentations, dashboards and beyond. Appspace gives you a wide rangd of options for creating signage content and comprehensive tools to manage distribution and access across multiple deivices.

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Laqorr by Dat Media

DAT Media's proprietary content management software Laqorr is a cloud based content management system designed specifically to meet the requirements of enterprise clients wishing to manage multiple screens & locations securely from a single portal.

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Why GoPomelo ?

GoPomelo was established in 2008 with an early focus on cloud based applications and projecs. Cloud is in our DNA. We are Premier Partners of Google, working hand in hand to deliver slick, intuitive solutions to the complex challenges our clients face every day in the digital world. Our team has experience working with organizations from 5 to 30,000 staff and we collectively hold more certifications than any other company in Asia.