Machine Learning

Managed, scalable machine learning: 

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine is a managed service that enables you to easily build machine learning models, that work on any type of data, of any size. You can build models of all sizes with the managed scalable infrastructure.

Your trained model will be immediately available for use with the global prediction platform that can support thousands of users and TBs of data. The service is integrated with Google Cloud Dataflow for pre-processing allowing you instant access to data from Google Cloud Storage and others.

Deliver the next step for your business.

Astoundingly, 90% of enterprise data is unstructured. Machine learning can help your company make sense of this unstructured data and automate processes so that you can focus on the more important areas of business.

Use our models Train your own models
Fully pretrained Build on your own specialized domain expertise
Leverage Google’s domain expertise Use Google tools for building and training models
No tools or expertise required


  • Face detection
  • Logo identification
  • Label identification
  • Explicit content detection
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Landmark identification
  • Cloud speech
  • Natural language